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Carly Showing how it’s done. Over the course of her One Body Athletic journey, Carly actually focussed on gaining a bit of weight, resulting in her becoming 100x stronger, more confident and yet still finishing absolutely shredded.

Carly wasn’t afraid to push her calories to achieve her goals, hitting almost 2600 calories and not paying attention to the number on the scales. Inspiring.


Meet OBA Elite Member, Dane, who’s absolutely crushed a 12-week prep ahead of our PRO SHOOT.

27lbs down and now revealing all of the hard work he put in during his Project: BUILD muscle gaining phase.

These results are testament to a relentless commitment to always do the necessary.


From joining One Body Athletic around a year ago, Mel has consistently put in the hard work and always kept the all important positive attitude throughout her time with us

To take it to the next level, Mel decided to participate in the 12 week prep leading up to the One Body Athletic ProShoot. Her commitment to achieving the timate was truly awe-inspiring.


This transformation is more than just physical. James not only conquered his body but his mind too!

For many years, James sat on the sidelines watching life go by.

Once becoming a member, he soon harnessed the power of a positive mindset, like minded community and expert coaches.

James has since made other huge movements in his life, for instance leaving a job that left him stressed and unfulfilled.

We’re super proud of James and his journey.


We love our coaches practicing what they preach

Our Body Coach, Leigh took her physique to Elite levels all under the space of a year in preparation for the prestigious One Body Athletic Pro-Shoot

It’s safe to say the results were unreal, and the evidence shows that when you fully commit yourself, you will let nothing stand between you and achieving your ultimate goals


The results of our ‘no BS’ coaching continually speak for themselves

Kris came to us originally looking to lose the ‘dad-bod’ after having his first child. Fastforward just over a year later, he would never have dreamed he’d be participating in a professional fitness photoshoot with an absolutely insane physique

We think it’s safe to say the dad-bod is gone.


Liam taking his condition to new heights for the One Body Athletic Pro Shoot 2020

Ready to conquer next year’s shoot


Before attending OBA, Claire wasn't happy with the way she looked, but didn't know how to make a change.

She was nervous about the challenge because she'd never done anything like this before and she didn't feel 'fit enough'.

Fast forward to 6 weeks on and here she is feeling the fittest she's ever felt and now she's a PROMember too.


With the aim of achieving the ultimate goal, the One Body Athletic Pro-Shoot, Nathan left no stone unturned to ensure he brought his best possible physique infront of the lens

This is only the beginning, we can’t wait to see what Nathan conquers next


Prior to joining OBA, Steve had reached the heaviest weight he’d ever been at and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

Throughout his first few weeks with us, Steve struggled to due to fitness levels, yet he powered through, week in, week out.

Steve is now keeping up with the very fittest of OBA members and looking and feeling all the better for it.






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Emma was on the T-42 6 week challenge and produced this phenomenal outcome she never even imagined was possible!

Emma attended small group personal training sessions 3x per week at OBA and followed a tasty nutrition plan.

Like most people, Emma was apprehensive about starting the challenge, but she hasn't looked back since.






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An awesome transformation, especially as Paul was away for an entire week during his 5 week programme!

He kept headstrong and pushed through to achieve his goals, with a new-found mentality.

Paul now feels his new found fit and healthy lifestyle is something which he can sustain, whilst still enjoying social events and occasionally letting his hair down.






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