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Not seeing results?

Not seeing results?
We will coach you at our private facility to ensure you tick every box and do the necessary to achieve your goals.
Struggling to stay motivated?
Our passionate coaches and dedicated ProMembers will push you beyond boundaries you never knew existed.
Hit a plateau?
The OBA Body Coaches are on hand 24/7 to offer expert advice and personalised plans of action.
Tried ‘everything’ with no result?
There’s always something you’ve not tried, or not tried for long enough! We guarantee you’ll see reults at OBA!
Finally ready for a solution?
Set goals, achieve them and exceed them with the support of our coaches and community.
Wanting long-lasting results?
We believe in creating life-long, sustainable habits - no traditional ‘dieting’ - just positive lifestyle changes.

How we can help

We’ve changed the bodies and lives of over 500 people and their families
We have a proven system that continues to gain unreal results, week in week out
We make ‘dieting’ realistic
We’ll hold you accountable throughout your OBA journey
We’ll motivate you on the days when you really can’t be bothered!


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Our Programs

Choose your path! Gain muscle mass, join our ultimate fat loss program or maintain balance.

Our ultimate fat loss program! Reduce body fat whilst building lean muscle.

Kick-start your journey with a 6-week intensive programme.

Add as much muscle mass as possible, with minimal fat gain.

Join the online  community

Our OBA community is truly unique. Our coaches have daily contact with members to keep them accountable, motivated, and determined to overcome obstacles.

Chat to our coaches, get nutritional information and complete home workouts through our OBA app.

How we changed lives

I've lost 40lbs since working with One Body Athletic. I couldn't be happier with the results and am excited to keep pushing forward!
Luke Ellis
I'm stronger, fitter, healthier and have a much better relationship with food. I am truly loving the process!
Stefanie Williams
In 20 weeks I lost over 30lbs and dramatically decreased my bodyfat. I couldn't have done it without team OBA.
Kris Turner-West


Can the workouts be done from home?

All of our home workouts are simple, easy to follow and ideal to execute in your living room or bedroom. We have numerous different workouts available, some that require body weight only and some that you can advance by adding weight if necessary. If you don't have the correct weighted equipment, then load up a backpack/suitcase with heavy things you can find around the house!

I want to be part of this! How much will it cost?

We will help you to find a fitness path that suits your lifestyle and goals during our consultation. Membership prices and options will be discussed during the consultation that you have with one of our One Body Athletic accountability coaches. Everything will be cleared up there!

How will you hold me accountable online?

Our coaches are experts in holding online clients accountable. They are highly experienced when it comes to remotes coaching and will ensure you have weekly accountability 'check ins' via video call. We'll monitor your daily nutrition and exercise complacency scores too to ensure you're on the right tracks to achieving the best possible results. Not only that, you'll gain access to our prestigious online community group and members who will also hold you accountable every step of the way!

What do I gain access to when I become an OBA ProMember?

Everything you need to get insane results!

OBA Members hub (filled with content for your viewing pleasure)

OBA Fitness app (to closely track your progress during your fitness journey)

1-1 support and accountability from our One Body Athletic accountability coaches

Live workouts

Pre-recorded work outs and a hella lot more!


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